Streamlined to perfection and ready for action.

From the cockpit to the street... The military has often been a conduit for what ended up being ‘’fashion’’ items. It’s true for bombers as it was true for cargo pants.


Why exactly the bomber jacket has forged itself  a place in all apparel stores in the world is for everyone to speculate and no one to know for sure.


In yesterday and today’s reality, people still find all the basic features needed in a jacket to go about their day with eaze while rocking the style they want.


The jackets and the brands that endured are the ones who were able to address the right balance of quality, style , pricing and visibility. A neat bomber remains chick , it remains clean with just enough roughness to please all styles from all horizons.


A daily fashion & practical companion regardless of your age and trend allegiance. It has its place in every apparel store as much as a pair of blue jeans or a sports cap. It has been impossible to ‘’outstyle’’ for nearly 100 years.


That’s a genuine bomber jacket for you !