TakeOff Bomber Jackets are a pure Canadian creation


Designed and R&D’ed in Montreal from day one.


Take Off Clothing Inc , the operating company and owner of the trademark, is a Federal Canadian corporation based in Montreal, Québec. Canadian distribution takes place from our Vancouver and Montreal warehouses for optional logistics with our dealer network.


You can find TAKEOFF Bomber jackets in fashion and outdoor retailers in every Canadian provinces. Email us to find out who carries our brand near you.


A built-in search engine on the web site will soon be available for a quicker dealer look-up


Our web site is also 100% transactional and e-commerce ready. We thus ship all ‘’in stock’’ jackets promptly when ordered online.


We are proud to bring to the market this unparalleled quality, rugged & styled product ready for ever changing weather. Very few jackets can accomplish as many roles as a neat, styled and Military Grade Flight Jacket.


From casual outing to rough Canadian weather.  Suit UP in Style with your very own TAKEOFF Bomber jacket


The TAKEOFF team